garage door repair in Concord CA 

Garage Door Repair Location in Concord, CA

Same Day Garage Door Repair
1856 Colfax St 
Concord, CA 94520 United States
(925) 808-3168
Concord, California is a city located

in Contra Costa County.Same Day Garage door repair is located in Concord, California and is off of Willow Pass Road on Colfax St. at (37.977093, -122.031916).


37.977093 °
N 37 ° 58' 37.5"
37 ° 58.6256' (degree m.mmmm)


-122.031916 °
W 122 ° 1' 54.9"
-122 ° 1.9150' (degree m.mmmm)

Same Day Garage Door Repair services Concord's growing community providing garage door repair, replacement garage doors and openers. We specialize in Concord style garage doors and can accommodate many custom styles and configurations.

Nearest cities to Concord:

Pacheco, CA  (1.8 miles ), Pleasant Hill, CA  (1.8 miles ), Central Contra Costa, CA (2.0 miles ), Clyde, CA  (2.0 miles ), Walnut Creek, CA  (2.1 miles ), Clayton, CA  (2.2 miles ), Vine Hill, CA (2.2 miles ).

Call us today at (925) 808-3168, and we will save you as much as 50% on your garage door repair, spring repair or door opener replacement. We service many cities around Concord, CA

Interesting Sites to See in Concord

     * Sleep Train Pavilion - a major concert venue formerly known as the Concord Pavilion, and Chronicle Pavilion at Concord.
    * Markham Regional Arboretum
    * 1 Concord Center
    * Sunvalley Mall
    * Don Francisco Galindo House
    * Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe
    * The Willows Theater
    * Farmer's Market concerts and movies at Todos Santos Plaza
    * Buchanan Field Airport
    * Camp Concord, at South Lake Tahoe, a family-oriented Summer Camp, although not located in Concord, is operated by the city.
    * Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial
    * West Wind Solano Drive-In Theater

    * Baldwin Community Park
    * Six Flags Waterworld Concord
    * Concord Skatepark
    * Todos Santos Park
    * Willow Pass Community Park
    * Ygnacio Valley Park
    * Newhall Community Park
    * Lime Ridge Open Space
    * Dave Brubeck Park
    * Rick Sears Memorial Park
    * Hillcrest Park home to Matteo's Dream - a playground for children of all abilities
    * Concord Community Pool